Blogging the Gap…

Welcome to the CDP Conference 2018 blog.

Why did we choose this conference theme?

We arrived at it quite naturally when discussing which conversations we would like to amplify and push further, which issues are dear to our CDP students hearts and necessary to be discussed for our work and for the sectors and disciplines we are based in.

It is the bit of the PhD experience we all share – being a CDP student comes with particular implications. We are positioned at the perceived gap between theory and practice, between organisations, between disciplines. Much of which is the point of the Collaborative Doctoral Award funding provided by the AHRC. We are meant to be the next generation of researchers, we are to develop our disciplines, we are to create work that is connected and connecting – between disciplines, people, ways of thinking and organisations.

By definition, we encounter challenging environments. In the best sense.  Our position allows us to question current practice and thought, systems and values. Much is learned on the way, by us and the partners we are joining on this journey.

The conference is an opportunity to share experiences, questions and ideas. We look forward to discussing those in a generative environment with other students, with supervisors, funders and anyone interested in joining the CDP network.

This blog is an additional channel for doing so. Here we asked presenters to write about their experience, to share their thinking, adding material to our discussion on the day of the conference.


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